Boneskinner Boss


Guild Wars 2


Creature Artist



Boneskinner for Guild Wars 2: Whisper in the Dark.

On this project I was responsible for the hair cards, textures and cloth settings, overall game model/topology, textures, and bone constraints for the necklace.

Matthew Pugnetti created beautiful concept work for this, the excellent Chris Bennett worked on the high poly sculpt, and Nathaniel Hubbell, Nick Ajer and Lee Bledsoe made some great effects. Designers were Justin Reilly and Taylor Southerland.

Extra thanks to Chelsea Mills for her always expert advise on bone constraints and animation concerns. Check them out!

This model needed to be able to be very large relative to player models and still hold up detail-wise. The body UVs were split up accordingly to accommodate the necessary texture resolution. Hair created in xgen to make a few different options for hair cards across the model.

In engine

In engine. There was no specific animation support for his large necklace so all of the movement there needed to be provided through bone constraints in a way that would work for both his quadrapedal and bipedal animations.

This image property of Arenanet. I did not make it but I think it’s really a really great shot of him in the map where this creature exists both in story and open world. Thank you to whoever got this shot!

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